CoA-NDT Mission, Vision and Values Statement

CoA-NDT Mission, Vision and Values Statement

The CoA-NDT recently approved its Mission, Vision and Values Statement.


Effective June 17, 2013 the CoA-NDT has a new address.  Please be sure to update your records with new contact information:


1449 Hill Street

Whitinsville, MA 01588

Phone:  978-338-6300

Fax:  978-832-2638


Committee on Accreditation for Education in Neurodiagnostic Technology

The primary function of the CoA-NDT is to review and evaluate educational programs in Neurodiagnostic Technology to determine compliance with the established Standards and Guidelines for an Accredited Educational Program in Neurodiagnostic Technology.  Recommendations regarding program accreditation are forwarded to the Commission on Accreditation of Allied Health Education Programs (CAAHEP) for action.

The Committee consists of the following representatives appointed by sponsors of the CoA-NDT, which are:

American Academy of Neurology
Trey Lee, MD
Marc Nuwer, MD

American Clinical Neurophysiology Society
Cormac O’Donovan, MD

William J. Nowack, MD

American Society of Neurophysiological Monitoring
Bernard Cohen, PhD, FASNM, Vice-Chair
Barbara Tetzlaff, R EEG/EP T, CNIM

ASET – The Neurodiagnostic Society
Debra Carson, EdD, R EEG/EP T, Chair
Maureen Carroll, BS, R EEG/EP T, RPSGT, CNIM
Debby Baydoun, MSEd, R EEG/EP T, RPSGT, R NCS T, CNCT, RST
Stephanie Jordan, R EEG/EP T, CNIM, CLTM
Elizabeth Meng, BA, R EEG/EP T
Marjorie Tucker, R EEG T/EP T,CLTM, CNIM, R NCS T